How to Persevere in Times of Suffering

For all those who are hurting and going through today, here is a word from the Holy Spirit through his servant.

Not long ago, the Lord inspired me this exhortation to uplift someone who was going through turmoil in marriage. The spouse even threatened to leave (“divorce”).

The presence of adversity does not eliminate the greatness of our God. In the contrary, fire turns us into gold. It turns us into precious broken vessels that God uses to perform miracles in this world.

Transformation is a difficult process like childbirth. It’s bringing about real life.

When it hurts, kneel down and cry. Play worship songs that lift up the name of Jesus and listen to every word.

It is well with your soul. God is in control.

Don’t look at the wounds and question God.
Look at God and you’ll see his glory being revealed.

It is well with your soul. Your name is written in the book of life.
You are losing your life to live only through Christ. 🙌🏾 Praise Jesus.


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