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Contextual Bible Study Workshop

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Our free, 3-day Contextual Bible Study Workshop will teach you the simplest self-study strategy on the planet, so you can add more confidence to your Christian walk and fan your spiritual fire.

It’s time to say good-bye to being only a church-goer and not being able to understand the bible!

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Are you ready to grow from empty religion to an exciting relationship with Jesus?

The Contextual Bible Study method is the most effective way to do that!

Join for free on February 25 – 27 from 12pm to 1pm!

Join the Free Workshop

“The workshop was definitely a blessing, it gave me tools to use in my daily reading & study of the Bible as I implement the 5W’s..” – Debbie B.

“Using this Bible Study has allowed me to effectively minister to others.” – Marquita Brewer

This workshop helped me in truly understanding the word and how to apply what I’ve learned in the way I pray and spend time in the word. Thank you for this workshop. – Roma R.

What is Jesus for All Evangelistic Ministry?

Elizabeth (Babeth) Ebeka, President & Founder of Jesus for All Evangelistic Ministry is a Prophetess in the service of the church, the body of Christ. She helps believers of the end-times (after Jesus) to grow spiritually and catch spiritual fire so that their walk with Jesus becomes passionate and productive. She is the host of the podcast Rising Up Early and an international preacher in English, French, and Spanish.

Before launching the evangelistic ministry, she served as Assistant Pastor at Christian Victory Center where she’s been ministering for over 20 years. Babeth is anointed to work one-on-one with believers to give them tailored biblical counseling and support during their growth so that they catch fire in their spirit. She has developed with the Holy Spirit several courses to grow disciples including this step-by-step Contextual Bible Study method and the Evangelism Bootcamp.

You can reach Jesus for All Evangelistic (JFA) Ministry at 301-375-0306 or by email info@jfaministry.org

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