Ministers & Staff

Rev. Babeth Ebeka


Founder and visionary of JFA Ministry. Serves as Assistant Pastor at Christian Victory Center. Born again in 1993 when Jesus spoke to her in an airplane. She was consecrated as Minister of the Gospel at Flaming Fire Ministries in 1997 and ordained in 2009. Her heart is to see the power, the love, and the authority of Jesus Christ displayed in the world through His Church. She labors to bring the church back to the book of Acts by making disciples on fire for Jesus. Pastor Babeth as she is affectionately called, is also an accountant and fraud examiner; she loves reading, swimming, and music.

Madhuka Lee

Board Chair

Joined JFA in 2015 and quickly embraced the vision of making disciples on fire for Jesus and that Jesus died for all. She was born again in 2003 and has been serving the body of Christ since 2017 through fervent prayer and heartfelt hospitality. Sister Madhuka is a professional administrator; she enjoys spending quality time with her children and a good spa day.

Marquita Brewer

Board Secretary

Joined JFA since 2017 and grew into the vision of multiplication of disciples for the Kingdom of God. She was born again in 2002 and began serving the church since 2020 imparting faith and power. Sister Marquita is a real estate agent; she enjoys reading and traveling.

Kathleen Adams

Board Treasurer

Joined JFA in 2017 and embraced the vision of loving people where they are in the Kingdom of God and perseverance in doing good. She was born again in 2002. She is a professional manager, and she enjoys shopping and good restaurants.

Brice Ebeka

Board Member

Chris Fire

Board Member

Tanzi Likekele

Board Member

Lucia Rivas

Board Member

Nichelle Walker

Board Member