A Heart for Orphans To Keep Their Shelter

(originally published in July 2020)
A few weeks ago Mr. Ombeni from Centre Ombeni Orphelinat (in English: Ombeni Center Orphanage) contacted me through Facebook messenger. His message was short and simple: “with the Covid crisis, I have not been able to cover the rent for a few months, please if you could help me so that the kids and I don’t end up on the street”
Mr. Ombeni Manegabe, Centre Ombeni, Bukavu, DRC
I thought it was a father’s plea for him and his family. But my heart was strangely gripped by this simple message. I receive dozens of financial requests every week, and my answer is usually a standard response. But with this one, it was different.

When I asked him where he was, he said that they are in Bukavu, D.R. Congo, and that it was actually him and the orphans that he shelters in a rental apartment.

My heart was ripped. I understood that it was the Spirit of God who touched my heart with this simple message.

The rent is $50 a month and this house shelters 47 children with ages between 3 and 17.
I found a way to have a relative go visit the place and confirm the problem. He was skeptical, but when he went there anyway, he was able to confirm the story and he produced a video tour of the orphanage for us. Here is the first few minutes of the tour.

This ministry is now appealing to you, our friends, to help the orphans keep their shelter.

Your donation of any amount will make a real difference! We have been in touch with the landlord, to whom we have paid 4 months of dues. He kindly agreed to let them stay until the end of July while  we run this campaign.

We would like to pay all the past due rent and a few months ahead. We would also like to help Mr. Ombeni with a small grant to start a trade that will allow him to continue supporting the children.

Mr. Ombeni has a heart for the orphans as he is an orphan himself. He helps the children the best he can, a selfless solo act. Please join us to support him.

Donate today to help the orphans keep their shelter. Every penny you give will go towards the rent and the trade.

May God bless you richly for your generosity.


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