Learn How to Listen to The Holy Spirit

We are thrilled to announce the release of our first devotional, How to Listen to The Holy Spirit. In this book, we take you through 15 days of devotion to learn how the Spirit speaks to believers. As you read and apply the Bible-based exercises through prayer and confessions, you’ll gain faith in hearing, recognizing, and following the Spirit.
Our prayer is that this book will demystify hearing and being led by the Holy Spirit. We are confident that it will help you start hearing and obeying the voice of Jesus through His Spirit.

Just In Time for the Love Day, Valentines

The book has been released just in time for Valentine‘s! You can buy copies online to give to friends, to someone at church, to a family member, or a neighbor. If you or someone you love want to follow Jesus, this is the perfect gift. Get it today!

 Thinking of Helping Others Listen to The Holy Spirit

If you already know how to listen to the Holy Spirit for yourself, this book is a good way to hold someone else’s hands and help them strengthen their walk with God too. It’s not always easy to know how to teach others. We pray that this book will be useful to you as well. We have led several small groups using this material since 2017.

Free Version Still Available

At JFA, we believe that the Lord reveals his word freely and so, it has to be shared freely to all. So why are we selling it on Amazon? The book was published originally as a free e-book on PDF format. That is still available and will always be. Because many people have been asking for a printed copy, we have published it on Amazon to make a printed copy available for those who prefer a hard copy. Printing this professional beautiful devotional in large format and in color on Amazon will cost a fraction for those who prefer a hard copy!

An added bonus is that providing the book on Amazon allows us to raise funds for The Servant Hand, our charity organization that supports the orphans, homeless, and others going through life crisis.

The book is currently published on Amazon and you can purchase the hardcover. The e-book version can still be found on our Mobile App. We are hoping to be able to also publish a free Kindle version soon.
All of us at JFA Ministry are very happy about this book and the fact that it will help Christians everywhere with their spiritual walk. Let us know your thoughts by writing to info@jfaministry.org or be among the first to leave a positive review on Amazon. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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